National project for the provision of energy consumed in the general lighting of roads and streets

From Year 2018 - From Year 2022

Project Description

The project is the replacement of street lights and roads at the level of the Republic with another more energy saving and more efficient to the number of 3.89 million Scouts and accessories at a cost of 2,078 billion pounds, with the establishment of a database of street and street lighting indicators at the level of the Republic are used to follow up maintenance and other matters Statistical and technical matters

The feasibility of the project

Providing electrical energy for lighting the streets and main roads and sub - provinces in different governorates and reduce the theft of electricity through

Providing an amount of LE 3 billion annually for electricity consumption bill

Save at generating power stations of 900 MW

Locating the theft of electric current in the streets through the control units in the classroom and measuring the amount of electricity consumed

Summary of achievements

On 8 April 2015, a contract was signed between the Ministry of Local Development, the Arab Organization for Industrialization (the Electronics Factory), the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy to supply and install these searchlights and their accessories on the streets and roads at the level of the villages and cities of the Republic

Effective date of implementation 1 May 2014 The planned implementation period will last for 28 months

To date, 1770496 Scouts have been supplied and 4,1523 control units have been installed. In fact, 174,223 Scouts have been installed to date and 41523 control units have been installed in different governorates.

An amount of LE 1,231,355,899 billion was made available through the Ministry of Local Development of the Electronics Factory of the Arab Organization for Industrialization for the works that were supplied and installed in the governorates

The works that were procured contributed to saving the consumption bill by LE 2.333 billion annually and saving 600 MW of power generation